War Zone Along The Border….

Our southern border might as well be in Sweden for all that most people know or seem to care about it. Where is the outrage about our lost security sovereignty and the environmental damage?
Here is a quote:
It is a war zone between Border Patrol agents and the drug runners/smugglers.  Rocks the size of softballs are used against the agents as well as lethal weapons.  Many of the Border Patrol SUV’s have been re-constructed with rod iron fencing around the windows and windshield to protect these officers.”
and another:
Cochise County Sheriff Larry Deaver agrees and argues that “you can’t catch what you don’t see.  Who are the people that got away?  For me, secure needs to mean safe.  The border is less safe than it has ever been because the illegals are more determined and more dangerous.” “
Yet the smuggling, stealing and killing continues and we remain unconcerned.
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