Why We Are In Trouble….I Hope There Is A Way Out….




I  juxtaposed three headlines today that tell me clearly that we are in trouble and that the path out is going to be difficult if there is one.

The first one concerns testimony given by a high administration official in defense of the so-called health care “reform.” In a nutshell he suggests that if you want to avoid the high fees imposed by the health care law, earn less money.

Two obvious problems are here. First, this clearly indicates the Democratic notion that the problem is people earning money. Money is somehow bad so the solution to problems is to earn less of it.  Second, and worse, the upper ends of the tax brackets pay most of the taxes in this nation already. Creating situations where those people make less or there are fewer rich people cuts the number of tax dollars and hence the amount of money available for feddy programs. What part of increasing the tax rates and shrinking the taxpayer pool don’t they understand? How about taxing the bottom half of the tax pool? Never even mentioned….

The second headline shows just how clueless they really are. We seem to be giving foreign aid to countries we borrow from. Let that logic sink in for a moment. We are in a spending crisis so we are borrowing from the very people we give to. Clueless.

Finally, the worst news is that a full 71  percent of Democrats are in favor of redistributing wealth since they don’t understand that this lowers the amount of wealth available and doesn’t materially help anyone. If there were only 10 Demcrats in the country that would be OK, but the raw numbers show that Americans are pretty evenly split on the issue and that it is only opposistion by Republicans and Independents that keeps lunacy in check.

Add this up you get a government that is clueless and views money as a necessary evil they should be totally in charge of and a large number of people who think this is OK. No wonder we are headed for the falls. No wonder we can’t even bring back Glass-Steagall.

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