Possible GOP Presidential Candidates Disappoint On Immigration….Including Sarah Palin


Not much comment here, except to say that if the Republican and conservative candidates don’t have it together on immigation…we are in trouble.

Also, Sarah Palin has quite a number of supporters who defend her fiercely against any and all criticisms. Yes, she is charismatic, she seems to have good common sense, she is intelligent and she seems tough.  Yet her grade on immigration issues is about the same as Jane Harman, retired 36th dist. U.S. Rep. There are lots of people like myself who respect her, but we do have to look at her positions on the issues and here is one big glaring problem that has to be solved. How can we elect her if she isn’t a material improvement over the current crop in Washington on immigration?

Immigration, after all, isn’t just “one isssue.”

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