On A Note of Disgust…

As a registered Democrat I am still receiving swill from the Janice Hahn campaign. This shameless woman lies outright about Craig Huey and his positions. Congratulations to Huey for not “going there” and maintaining a clean campaign.

I don’t know much about Huey but I do know when I smell desperate Democrat…and it is a bad, bad smell. Even if attack dog Hahn was right and Huey seeks to end Medicare and all abortions, so what? He is only one of 435 congressmembers and he is promising to cut the budget and end the bloat. Good. He couldn’t end Medicare and repeal Roe V Wade in two years if he wanted to. But he has a chance of bringing some sanity to Washington. Sanity is what we need, not lying attack dogs wedded to the special interests that bleed us.

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