Unfortunately, Amnesty Is Still On The Table…


I was away for awhile so pardon me if some of the things I post about are in the back pages right now. I liked this piece of VDH’s when I read it in May and much is unchanged. I spotted a Spanish language newspaper the other day with a huge headline that read, to the best of my Spanish, “the Dream Act is still alive”…we have to stop it in its tracks and keep nailing the coffin down.

From Hanson:

“In truth, nearly 70 percent of Americans, including millions of Mexican
Americans, want the border fenced because it is still in large part currently
porous and open, and we are in a time of high unemployment, rising drug violence
spilling in from Mexico, a tottering Mexican government, and weariness with an
identity politics that seeks to equate enforcing federal law and opposing
blanket amnesty with racism. And note that Obama did not, as he claims here,
“basically complete” (note that key word “basically”) the fence, but stopped it.
In fact, as of May 1, 2011, about 650 miles of the 1,900-mile border are

Otherwise, some of Obama’s proposals make sense, but he doesn’t
say how he would implement those that do. For example, to say, “They have to
admit that they broke the law, pay their taxes, pay a fine, and learn English.
And they have to undergo background checks and a lengthy process before they can
get in line for legalization” means what?

Where exactly are illegal
immigrants to be processed — here, or in Mexico? What happens if they do not
learn English or pay taxes or pay a fine or have a background check? Summary
deportation? Are we suddenly going to begin detaining illegal aliens, repeal
current sanctuary laws, compel cities to enforce federal law, and then do what —
as we check their criminal records, examine whether they paid their fines, and
quiz them on English?

The suspicion among “some,” to use the president’s
words, is that he will push things like amnesty, which is what the euphemistic
“DREAM Act” is, talk grandly about paying fines, learning English, and sending
home those who don’t pass “background checks” (felonies, misdemeanors, etc.?),
but then never follow up on the enforcement part.”

The president’s approach to discussing illegal immigration is essentially the same approach he takes to almost every issue: he takes vaguely in terms almost acceptable to everyone and then does an end run around law and public opinion to continue to do exactly what he wants, no matter how illegal or unpopular. He talks about how he is enforcing the law and then subverts behind closed doors.  We need to elect  a new president at the next election.

We have to be vigilant, active and engaged.

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