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Is Barack Obama Already Defeated?….I Am Not So Sure…. Punditry, however you define that term, has its pitfalls as I learn each day when I blog.  I think Barack Obama is a bad president leading the country on a dangerous course that will do damage to the … Continue reading

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“Blonde” Moment….anyone I found this on Black andRight…although it is probably all over by now….

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Bearroombrawl Inducted Into Small Conservative Blogger Association!

Yep! An association of small to middling conservative blogs has been organized in response to someone (Who was that again?) predicting we small blogs will all go away.  Nope. In fact, I am going to work with the association to … Continue reading

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More Bad News…Possible Presidential Candidate Rick Perry Is Weak On Immigration… This is bad. The governor of Texas, a state heavily impacted by illegal immigration, has a D- overall from NumbersUSA. In his defense it is noted that he focuses largely on Texas’ woes and logically should be expected to … Continue reading

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President Obama as Fiscal Terrorist? Here is a catchy little headline from No Quarter. There is no question we have to reduce the debt. However, today’s news should remind us that the debt isn’t the only issue: To say 1.3 pct growth is … Continue reading

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Bad News On Immigration: “Conservative” Candidates Found Wanting….Some As Bad As Dems… Yes I know a Republican is not by definition a conservative, and I know everyone has their own litmus test. However, a Republican is supposed to be more conservative than a Democrat.  But when the top of the Republican curve is … Continue reading

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Norwegian Slaughter Reminds Us To Avoid Rush to Judgment

Once again a breaking news story about violent acts reminds us to be cautious about jumping to conclusions. It reminds me of the “The Westerner” with Gary Cooper and Walter Brennan. At one point Cooper says to Brennan, and I … Continue reading

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