Endorsement: Craig Huey For Congress!

I voted absentee for Craig Huey recently and I am endorsing him for office.  He is a successful businessman and not a dynasty entitlement of a local political family that hasn’t given us much since Kenny Hahn died. Many would argue not even then, although Kenny was enjoyable and was dedicated to his district. BTW he spent his career in his district,   trying to climb ladders to power.

His campaign has been respectful and honest, even if some supporters have struck a nerve with allegations regarding Janice Hahn’s involvement with a “let’s hire gang members as mediators” boondoggle (funny how it sounds a little like that gun runner operation Washington tried out).

Hahn is a dirty campaigner who ran a nasty campaign against Debra Bowen. Calling it a “hot” campaign is the Dem buzzword being used to sugarcoat the nastiness of the Dem on Dem bloodbath that was the primary. Hahn has repeated the outrageous stunts with allegations against Huey.

Finally, Hahn is a Los Angeles City Council member. That should basically be enough said. The council yearly has to decide whether to cut the libary or parks department or turn off the phones. More of The Same is not what we need in Washington. She should stay where she is until Los Angeles runs well again or the voters kick her out.

Dem scare tactics aren’t working on me. We need change and we won’t get it from the MOTS crowd.

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