When Will We Come To Our Senses On Immigration?


Victor Davis Hanson has written another trenchant piece on the unfolding disaster. Here are the two paragraphs on immigration:

“On the immigration front, there will still be some quibbling, but the liberal
argument for open borders has been lost, both here and in Europe. The United
States simply cannot afford any longer the $50 billion that flows to Latin
America each year in remittances, coupled with multibillion-dollar costs for
providing social services to seek parity for illegal aliens, in addition to vast
new outlays in education and criminal justice. California elites swear that a
multimillion-person community of illegal aliens has nothing to do with our
near-bottom ranking in public-school math and science scores, but privately even
the most die-hard unionist teachers confess that it does. When Los Angeles has
more resident Mexican nationals than do most cities in Mexico, and when the
liberal paradigm of the salad bowl in lieu of the melting pot is into its fifth
decade, then it is logical, not aberrant, that tens of thousands in the Rose
Bowl would not merely cheer a Mexican soccer team over a home-team American one
(understandable, though regrettable, garden-variety ethnic chauvinism), but
trump that by booing even the mention of the United States.”

federal law will be enforced and immigration will return to an orderly, legal
process — where merit, education, and skill sets are used as litmus tests for
would-be immigrants without regard to ethnic or racial background — or else
Arizona, New Mexico, and California will soon become a dysfunctional region,
where one class flees and quite another enters, and soon even illegal aliens
seek a new, more northern border to cross. Open borders, non-assimilation,
ethnic separatism, and tribalism lead to the Balkans or Rwanda — not, as
envisioned, to a society patterned after the boutique diversity of the faculty

I can only hope that the first sentence is indeed true and that the illogical and dangerous notion of “open borders” is dead. I fear it is not as  the Dream Act has been reintroduced and President Obama will open the borders by fair act or foul if he gets any chance at all.  I fear the example he gives later in the section – booing the US at the Rose Bowl – undercuts any hope that the open borders notion is dead. I think our liberal “friends” will double down on open borders in precisely the way they have doubled down on the notion that taxing and spending is the way out of a fiscal crisis.

People who have been taught they are entitled to unearned fruits simply because they breathe and that they actually in fact own this land (and a self-determined share of its blessings)  because they were born poor in another country (Logic?) will give up no more easily than the people who taught them this drivel.

One can point to numerous examples in which we have failed to learn by the collapse of the European models. Europe is sliding toward anarchy and violence. We are following precisely because President Obama refuses to learn and refuses to change course. The way out, if there is one, will be difficult and fraught with danger.

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