I Will Never Fully Understand Barack Obama



I’ve highlighted two examples of the many, many contradictions that make up Barack Obama, contradictions that render him almost incomprehensible to me.

On the one hand President Obama ordered the killing of Osama bin Laden, without arrest, actual trial, or conviction.  On the other, he tried to block the execution of a convicted and admitted domestic killer who had all the benefits of a trial, defense and appeal.

And what was the president’s stated reason for interfering in a domestic case that had exhausted all legal recourse and about which there was no reasonable doubt?

I am not sure.

It was something about the killer not receiving diplomatic aid from a foreign country to which he was not entitled in the first place. The killer had lived here since he was two and calling him a Mexican National was fictive. Moreover, international law is law between nations, not the law of domestic matters. See what happens if you get arrested in a foreign country for drug sales or murder. Don’t expect President Obama to get you out. And don’t expect the foreign people to appreciate meddling any more than Texans did.

Some would say he was “playing politics,” but to whom was he appealing? Anybody who would cheer bin Laden’s death would also expect a Texas murderer to get death. Likewise, the “no death penalty for anyone, ever” crowd would (and did) recoil at bin Laden’s demise.

Either execution could be justified or either condemned, but not one up one down.  That is a troubling aspect of the president’s personality.

I get the uncomfortable feeling that this man operates by whim and not by logic or consistent principle. A man who likes to use his power for his own reasons and in his own way. A man who is impatient with any restraints and contemptuous of rules and laws he doesn’t wish to follow. How else can you explain czars and the bald faced prevarications that attended the passage of the health care bill? He has promised us many things. Unfortunately, he has kept a lot of promises he should never have made and broken a lot of promises he should have kept.


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