Jerry Brown Shows He Is Not Up To The Job

Governor Brown is quoted in the above piece dismissing efforts to split California in pieces. Our Moonbeam laughs at the effort. Clearly, he doesn’t understand or empathize with the frustration behind the drive. Conservatives want to split California not because they want to move to Arizona but because they fell the state is falling apart.

Brown clearly does not even comprehend the problem he and his ilk have caused and can only answer a serious issue flippantly. It seems to me that he hasn’t  learned the lesson of November 2010.  It is unfortunately true that California continued on the path of destruction unmindful of the lessons the rest of the nation studied. The Democrats will learn to their cost.

Brown is simply not up to the job because he apparently doesn’t understand the depth of the problem. If he did he would be conciliatory and seeking to solve problems. Not laughing.

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