More Illogical Logic From President Obama And The Democrats On Immigration and Law

Yesterday I posted a piece in which I confessed my puzzlement about exactly which President Obama shows up to discuss any given issue. Is it the one for or the one against whatever issue is at hand? And whom precisely is he villifying today?

Well, Victor Davis Hanson has taken a similar line in a generalized discussion of so-called “Progressives” and “liberals” and the hash they are making of this country. Herewith a quote and comments. The Hanson article is about immigration but it has numerous ramifications.

“Why does the present administration oppose new anti-illegal-immigration laws in
Arizona and Georgia that are designed to enhance existing federal law — but not
so-called “sanctuary city” statutes that in some municipalities deliberately
contravene federal immigration law?”

This quote gets to the heart of the issue I posted on yesterday. The complete and utter inconsistency of so-called “liberal” thinking. Liberals want to expand government power but they allow it to be undermined and cheer the undermining.

Attacking states that seek to enhance and enforce federal law while turning a blind eye to cities that undermine the same law is essentially madness. In yesterday’s post I noted President Obama is simultaneously a bloodthirsty hawk willing to pursue a chosen enemy to the ends of the earth and slay him or her without following the letter of the law and at the same time demanding punctilious attention to questionable legal detail in another case.

It is a pattern I am seeing everytime I look at a political issue. On Tuesday the president is a hawk, on Thursday a dove. On Wednesday he is handing out money and on Friday he is talking budget sternness.

Who is minding the store?

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