DB Cooper Found?, Can Amelia Be Far Behind?


I admit I have an interest, even a fascination with mysteries, alternate history and conspiracy.  It is a fascination I have had all my life. But it has changed over time. For example, I used to love what is now called crypto-zoology, but it doesn’t interest me now. Science does discover new animals, but I doubt yetis, sasquatch, and the sadly disappeard (and wonderfully named!) Tasmanian Tiger will be among them. However, various assassinations, Custer’s Last Stand, the Alamo, Hitler’s last days, the Templars and a large number of other mystery loci have piqued me all my life.

So it is with a little interest that I read the above linked work about DB Cooper. Cooper, somehow, was never more than a blip on my personal radar screen, but I know the name is magical to some. ‘

I mention him primarily because although it has taken about forty years, an answer may be nigh. The eventual arrival of solutions was a topic of one of my earliest posts, way back when about seven months ago.

So, if we live long enough we often survive to find the actual answer to mysteries. There are lots of mysteries left to solve. Were Lizzie Borden and Winnie Ruth Judd guilty? What happened to Bob Crane?


If interested, here is the original post in my mysteries, alternate history and conspiracy category : https://bearroombrawl.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/on-amelia-earhart-alternate-history-conspiracy-theories-and-birth-certificates/

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