Is Barack Obama Already Defeated? V2

I won’t comment too much on this one except to say that it is a fine example of mystery/alternate history/conspiracy writing and as such can be appreciated for that alone. Not only does the author have President Obama  skidding to an electoral crash, he has him actively planning his exit from the campaign.

I know of no solid evidence that the president’s health is bad, his marriage insecure, his chances of reelection are gone or that he made any one of the Faustian bargains with the Clintons listed here. And I find it unlikely that he is planning to bail.  If you like this kind of stuff it is a fine example of the genre. I find it a little too wishful thinking for me.

I stand by my earlier assertion: He has a lock on at least 40% of the vote and we may wind up with a multi candidate race, which lowers the number of votes he needs.  I won’t breathe easily if he has so much as 45% of the vote and I’d be happier if he had 39%.

We will have to work hard and not sit around hoping for scenarios to play out.

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