Criminal Alien Population Rising

A nice little bookend for the recent announcement that 16 of the nations supplying us with criminal aliens are abetting the “justice department” in suing to prevent Arizona and Alabama from trying to restrict entry to illegals.

On a similar note I watched the opening minutes of Scarface (Pacino not Muni) and found it to be a harrowing indictment of illegal aliens and loose borders. Castro unleashed the Tony Montana’s of the world on our shores and we haven’t wised up yet.

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One Response to Criminal Alien Population Rising

  1. Dave Francis says:

    The Democratic Party is trying to consign the blame on the TEA PARTY, relating to the U.S. insolvency battle. But when is it going to become evident that this political splinter group of millions is a very large majority of the American people. It’s so easy to bring fault to this splinter group of the physical Conservatives, when the far left wing is solidly backed by the rural and National Liberal press who croak about anybody who doesn’t fit their negative agenda. For instance Michele Bachmann (R-MN), high on the list of potential presidential contenders stayed away from the whole US treasury mess. Rep. Michele Bachmann, the TEA PARTY Caucus leader, is dissimilar to the Democrats and the hidden distress of the Liberals or Republicans.

    Rep. Bachmann will not tolerate the loose immigration enforcement we have currently. The lady will build the border fence according to its original design and enact harsh sanctions for businesses that disparagement E-Verify and still hire discount labor. The TEA PARTY has become a massive grassroots movement of tens of millions of like-minded Americans from all racial and religious backgrounds and political parties. The TEA PARTY members share the nucleus principles of restricted government, individual freedoms, personal responsibility, fair free markets and above all returning power to the States and the people. The TEA PARTY is about reforming all political parties and government, so the key principles of our Constitution, once again the foundation of which this nation stands.

    When you think of immigration–legal or illegal cannot get any worse, that another issue has surfaced and illuminates the nonchalant obligations of the left side of the aisle. President Obama and his confederates behind the closed doors in Congress have been prolifically running up the tab, when we owe foreign investors $14.5 Trillion dollars. This video will explain this matter at describing that foreign nationals are being accommodated in luxury complexes in Tacoma, Washington, 1300 units using taxpayer’s money. It’s not enough that this North Western State is issuing drivers license to illegal aliens, but they are keeping foreigners warm and dry, with homes that should have gone to homeless Americans. This $225 million Housing project for Illegal’s aliens, whom are living on social security and living off the taxpayers, but have never, paid anything into the fund. It’s no wonder that Social Security will be having serious problems in our future years.

    It’s so incredulous that we have around 14 million Americans searching for jobs, or given up even trying and here we have the Democrats, probably strongly influenced by the left wing. Benevolent handouts to people who entered America illegally. How many US Citizens and legalized residents are homeless, veterans and seniors, nevertheless we are placing a roof over these people heads? If that doesn’t get you mad, the fact that they don’t even have to mow a lawn, pay for garbage removal, since your taxes is paying for these services.

    According to Edwin Rubenstein authored this disturbing report, you can examine at, and many more exasperating concerns he addressed about the illegal aliens. Another episode that continues without penalty is the IRS dilemma of fraud on a grand scale is child tax credits by illegal aliens. This is just another part of the failure adding to the feds paying out $113 Billion dollars to support illegal aliens a year. Rubenstein black hit list can be accessed at, with many articles on illegal immigration and the costs that come out of your payroll check. Thousands of Americans are living in poverty, unemployed and living on food stamps, but our money is used to house, school and offer free health care to these people who broke our laws?

    Join your local TEA PARTY and add your voice in opposition to the corruption in Washington. The Tea Party leaders are mobilized not to accept any more amnesties, under any assumed name as Immigration Reform. This will explode our population as millions more will come through sponsorship of the CHAIN MIGRATION policies of previous administrations. The DREAM ACT is another “Sleight of hand” amnesty that exacts the same level of CHAIN MIGRATION in future years. It’s been twenty five years since the grand amnesty of 1986, which has not only encouraged illegal immigration, but poured millions of illegal newcomers into every community in our country.

    These outlaws have sucked State, county and communities dry of public welfare, dearly needed for the unemployed. With an estimated 300.000 babies smuggled through Americas sporadic border fence, or through airport terminals the costs are staggering. In just the State Arizona, FAIR’s assessment is $2Billion ,569 Million annually spent to support illegal aliens. This is just the outlay in one state and not the US Government expenditures and other States estimated $113 Billion dollars a year. Learn more at Some Northern States get off easy, but Border States are hit hard and that picks out the Sanctuary State of California, run by mostly Liberal Legislators, adding an almost astonishing amount of a 26 Billion dollar deficit. But all States together run up a tab of $83 Billion dollars, which shows serious rot of the lawmakers who run this country.

    Most Americans see no wrong in the immigration of legal immigrants, specifically more so that possess highly skilled credentials. Top level scientists, engineers that will contribute to our economy. What should be inhibited through every means possible is the destitute, the welfare predators and the criminals that we have an abundance, from every corner of the world. Not only should this be highly skilled people, but encouragement should be given to foreign entrepreneurs and businessmen and women, who are venerated by their peers.

    Illegal Immigration News from the American Patrol web site, where the real news is collected and not the propaganda?

    The Hill — Washington
    Reid: S&P downgrade backs Dems’ call for more revenue
    Standard & Poor’s decision to downgrade the nation’s credit rating reinforces Democrats’ call for increasing tax revenue, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Friday. — In a statement, Reid said: The action by S&P reaffirms the need for a balanced approach to deficit reduction that combines spending cuts with revenue-raising measures…

    Dave Gibson — The Examiner
    Poll: Most voters want employers punished for hiring illegal aliens
    On Tuesday, Rasmussen Reports released the results of a recent poll showing that an overwhelming majority of American voters want tough sanctions imposed on businesses which hire illegal aliens. — The national telephone survey found that 75 percent of ‘likely U.S. voters’ favor strict government sanctions against those who hire illegal aliens…

    Jim Kouri, CPP — The Examiner
    U.S. admits border violence out of control
    While U.S. Homeland Security Department officials repeatedly assure Americans that the southern border is more secure than ever, a separate government agency has issued an alarming report warning of “recent violent attacks and persistent security concerns” in the area, although the report is getting minimal news media attention…

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