Some Facts About Who Actually Pays Taxes

The Democrats, the kings of Fuzzy Math, are going to go hard on the idea that the “rich” don’t pay enough taxes. The above link has some good counter arguments.

Note that at least 40 percent pay nothing toward the basic maintenance of government and the upper portion pays more than its “fair share.” Note too the shifting definition of “rich” which is now pretty much anyone who pays taxes.

Finally, be careful when they try to shift the argument toward forcing corporations to pay their “fair share.” Gov. Romney is getting beaten up for reminding his opponents that behind the name of a corporation are thousands of people whose investments and livelihood (hopefully) are making money. Perhaps some more taxes from business might be good. More likely it will further upset the apple cart, depress wages and employment, further damage the stock market and lower the net wealth of many thousands of people. Probably not the best tradeoff, but I have an open mind on this.

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