An Alliance Between Environmentalists and True Immigration Reformers?

I am not entirely sure what to make of this.

I’m going to sit back awhile and watch. It is my recollection that David Brower was more or less pushed out of the Sierra Club because of his belief that illegal immigration was a threat to the environment. The environmental movement has been lock-step with the Democratic Party and the party has been driving illegal immigration (with help from some “republicans.”)

The current book reported on and excerpted by NumbersUSA is written by what many conservatives would call a “tree hugging eco-fascist.”  But, common ground is common ground.

So, the sifting and evaluation must be pretty careful. “We” have denigrated the likes of Greenpeace for “extremism” and now it will be pretty hard to welcome them if and when the light bulb turns on and they realize that the future of their beloved Ansel Adams scenery depends as much on limiting immigration as anything else. Ditto for them. How do they stop lambasting knuckle-dragging conservatives about illegal immigration when they realize it is a path toward enviromental destruction.

NumbersUSA wants to cut immigration by up to 80% which may sound harsh. However, we are currently allowing one million people per year into the US legally and an unknown number illegally. Reducing that number to about 250,000 legal immigrants is in line with our historical patterns.

It will be interesting to see if environmentalists get the message and start drifting toward the “right” on this issue. I see the “right” position on immigration as obvious and common sense. It will collide with the selfish, narrow and destructive goals of the Democratic Party and other leftists. Perhaps we will see a broader immigration control coalition. One large segment essentially concerned about environmental issues, the rest concerned about sovereignty, security and economic growth and health.

We can for the moment file this under both “politics make strange bedfellows” and “truth isn’t  the friend of lefty ideology.”


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