Some Dirty Little Secrets About Illegal Immigration

Many of the critics of illegal immigration with whom I am familiar focus on the crimes commited by illegals by coming into this country and acts thereafter.

However, there is another focus.

Imagine if you dropped everything today and fled to Mexico or Canada. What would you be running away from? Debt? The Law? A Wife? Other Criminals? Landlord? Who is left holding what bag?

I don’t know because I don’t know who you are any more than I know who an illegal is by looking at him. The point is that many if not most are breaking laws in BOTH countries by coming here and we have no idea how bad the situation is.

You often here that illegals are not such a problem because they pay taxes and aren’t eligible for benefits.

OK. That means you believe that someone who feels they are entitled to break the laws of both countries by coming here won’t feel entitled to avail themselves of criminal fraud to either get the goodies they are not entitled to or avoid the taxes they should pay.

“Most” of them are honest and hard-working, you say. Well, let’s say 90 percent are honest (we can’t know because we don’t know them or their number) but if 10 percent of an estimated 13 million illegals are dishonest that is 1.3million people gaming the benefits system. I bet it’s more. Throw in a few hundred terrorists here and there and you really have a problem.

Border Control. Now!

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