Action Alert: Fax President Obama As He Prepares His “Job Creation” Speech

The above link is to NumbersUSA which is an organization working to control immigration. They have a free prepared fax for you to send on this topic. Please join and do so. They aren’t over aggressive about asking for money, but if you have, say $20 bucks, I can think of worse places to drop it.

The fax points out that hundreds of thousands of work permits are issued to people here legally at a time when millions are out of work. Worse, the administration plans to give work permits to people here illegally, which is just wrong.

We allow one million people into this country legally this year. About three times as many as we can sustain. On top of that, an unknown number come here illegally. It has to stop.

Exercise your franchise and send the free e-mail. Let him know you want an end to excessive work permits and work permits for illegal aliens. Let him know you want reduced immigration and sustainable growth. This is an environmental, security, sovereignty and economic issue and it is important.

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