“Climate Change” Is a Western Hobby Horse


This is an interesting post from Watts Up With That…a favorite site of mine. The Global Warming battle is fascinating on a number of levels. The article points out that since most of the world has no interest in committing economic suicide by capping carbon the AGW movement is something of a western hobby horse. A hobby horse ridden by eco-leftists,bureaucrats, purchased academics and assorted corporate bad actors who sense a way to manipulate markets and force consumers to choose their “green” energy at enormous cost for very little economic or environmental gain.

Meanwhile the science keeps going against AGW and the alleged “consensus.” The latest problem with AGW is that cosmic rays apparently DO have a large impact on earth’s climate. It is too early to say that the entire idea of anthropogenic global warming is a crock, but it is definitely “settled science” that the climate is complex and really not very well understood.


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