Retired Border Patrol Officers Oppose President Obama’s Creeping Amnesty

The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers has called for the Obama Administration to rescind its announced intention to “review” hundreds of thousands of cases involving illegal immigration on a “case-by-case” basis.

The NAFBO notes that each of the detainees has already been reviewed on a case-by-case basis by law enforcement professionals  and has been found to be here illegally.

At best the new policy simply slows dow the system by allowing illegals to remain here after they have been caught and processed while the next “review” takes place. Realistically, with the president’s views on the matter painfully obvious the likelihood is the “review” will find “flaws” in the filings and most of the detainees will be allowed to stay.

This is a fine example of Jerry Brown Syndrome. JBS is the pernicious doctrine of  so-called “progressives” and some “conservatives” that holds that if you don’t like a law you are duty-bound to enforce you weasel and lawyer your way around it. It is closely related to “judicial activism” and its enemy is strict construction.

Of the various forms of JBS I found many of those practiced by President Obama to be particularly noxious. This isn’t the only slap in the face he has delivered to professionals in many areas. How do you expect economic recovery when he allows the banks to commit apparent foreclosure fraud without a peep from his “justice” department?  GE pal Immelt lives by one set of rules, your business by another. If you play by the rules and do your job you are a sap in his world. Ask businesses who try to follow the law on Obamacare only to watch the steady parade of waivers.

I suspect this is how it is done in Chicago. A dysfunctional city.

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