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Reasons to Be An AGW sceptic The proponents of AGW have been quite a lot of time traducing sceptics. They want you to think a sceptic is either a paid oil lobbyist or someone who someone who doesn’t believe in hand washing. Above is a link … Continue reading

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Solyndra: The Embarrassment That Keeps On Embarrassing Evidently, the execs at Solyndra have retained counsel and counsel is telling them “shut your yap.” I wonder if anyone in the administration has retained counsel? Oh, wait, they are all lawyers….  

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California Sets Another Unfortunate Record Here is a post from Bloomberg earlier in the month. It seems that California now has the lowest number of employed eligible workers in, well, nearly forever.  You go, California Leadrship!

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E-Verify Bill Passes Major Hurdle In Congress..Only Two Amendments Attached… This is good news plain and simple. With an administration determined on a schizoid immigration policy that on balance favors illegals, the immediate solution has to be found in enforceable federal law. The political balance of the house has … Continue reading

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Illegals ARE Expensive

Among the arguments leftists make for open borders is the notion that illegal aliens are all hard working types who contribute more than they take and never game the system. We all know this is false and the article linked … Continue reading

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Physicist Resigns Because Global Warming Science Is Not “Incontrovertible”

The American Physical Society has suffered at least two major defections from its ranks because the APS board is apparently stuck on stupid when it comes to AGW. In other AGW news, WattsUpWithThat spent a recent day “counter-programming” Al Gore’s … Continue reading

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A Jobs Bill By Any Other Name

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