California Legislature May Destroy Institution Of Baby Sitting

When I started bear Room Brawl the idea was to try and save California from itself. It may well be too late.

Some feel that this proposed law is a step toward unionizing baby sitters. I think it is simply idiotic.

One more layer of bureaucracy, one more level of whine (they didn’t pay me enough! I didn’t get a break after two hours!) and one more burden on parents.

Frankly, the only way this works is if there are employment agencies with teams of baby sitters to give breaks for sitters. That may well be the goal, idiotic as it is.

Or, more likely, babysitting moves “underground” into a black market world where parents don’t hire a “sitter” they invite a young friend over to visit and go off to the store for dinner preparation,  which as we all know, can take an entire evening. The young friend will volunteer to keep an eye on things while they are gone. Oh Look! they left some money lying around. Finders Keepers!

The level of micromanagement is astounding. That our legislature has time to even consider stuff like this while the state implodes is telling.

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2 Responses to California Legislature May Destroy Institution Of Baby Sitting

  1. Tom says:

    It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the out-of-control lawmakers have sent entire industries underground…or failed to contemplate the unintended consequences of their actions. How do you suppose we got illegal aliens? Look at Hawaii’s law in recent years requiring health insurance for full time employees. Many employers suddenly re-staffed with part-timers. A significant number of Hawaiian residents must hold 2 – 3 jobs to make a living…and still have no health insurance. American History is full of examples of citizens evading wrong-minded laws…Prohibition qualifies as the number one example. Just think, if not for Prohibition there would be no NASCAR, greatest attended spectator sport in the world…so maybe it ain’t all bad.

    • Thanks, Tom…

      Prohibition did create a need for high speed evasion, which did evolve into NASCAR…sort of like the Mafia being turned into a Hollywood franchise worth billions.

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