Skewering the Left…With Laughter

Although this is a fairly serious piece I am filing it under Just for Laughs because it is funny. The sheer hypocrisy of the Democrats is pretty unbelievable.  They (Nancy Pelosi is an example cited here) run to the cover of religion if they think they can get a vote, but undercut religion and attack the “bitter clingers” when the mask slips.

The Democrats live in a dark and frightening world where anyone who goes to a Christian church has a .45 in his/her pocket and is really “the same thing as” a Jihadist, despite the total lack of evidence that this is true.  I can’t remember the last incident of “Christian terrorism” but I do know that the world is awash with Islamic fundamentalist terror. The idea that electing a conservative to the White House will bring on an Inquisition is laughable, but actual “gospel” to Democrats.   The Democrats must hate themselves for doing so, but they feel obligated to trot out the fact they once attended Sunday School somewhere to try and propriate what they seem to think of as the dark powers of Christianity in order to get votes from the people they actually appear to despise.

It is a funny piece… I chortled about the “magic underwear.”  LOL!

OK, so here is the “magic underwear” paragraph:

“Harry Reid, leader of the Senate Democrats, is a Mormon. Many readers probably won’t know that because the mainstream media oddly doesn’t talk about it. It’s okay to call Mitt Romney a polytheist with twelve wives, but Reid is untouchable because he’s a Democrat. And yet it’s reasonable to theorise that the leader of the Senate wears the magic underwear associated with Mormonism. Is his belief that Jesus walked on American soil, anti-science? Geographers and historians would probably object.”



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