Is Teapot Dome a’Bubblin’ Once Again…???


Aside from its quaint name Teapot Dome is sort a generic term for crippling scandal. The kind of crippling scandal that can get legs and bring down administrations. The original Teapot Dome was a bribery scandal over payoffs involving oil leases.  The leases were let without competitive bidding because administration officials were in the bag. The scandal further weakened President Warren Harding, already reeling from other gaffes, and became a byword for wrongdoing.

This mess may, or may not, be a Teapot Dome, but it has the earmarks so far. A pet administration project is “green energy.” A hot-shot “green energy” company is spotlighted by the administration which gives it sacks and sacks of government (taxes taken from us) money. Now the hot-shot company is suddenly bankrupt. There are questions of how this happened and who knew what. Hmmmmm.

If this is a Teapot Dome, then there is misfeasance and  someone high up the food chain has their fingerprints all over it….

If not, then we have the opportunity to take a look at the “green” energy racket and see if in fact there is any substance to “green” energy claims. Some feel these companies are simply scams supported by tax money. The flow of that tax money is therefore  all that keeps them competitive in the market. Unfortunately, too many people ask “what is wrong with using tax money that way?”

Dogbert says:

This administration is often accused of “crony capitalism” and lots of “friends” seem to get favors.

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