More On The New Teapot…

Here is an interesting comment:

“This is the business model of the politically connected in Illinois. Rezko, Valerie Jarrett, Penny Pritzer, and the whole gang have done this same scam repeatedly. The taxpayers ALWAYS are left holding the bag. It is also the the modus operandi  Obama used with bailing out Wall St and the automakers to rake in the cash to run and front the scams. ”

This is one way to express it. The other is to say that all you needed to know about how President Obama would function was the  Annenberg Challenge.

Bill Ayers and President Obama raised $50 million to improve Chicago schools. That was “The Annenerg Challenge.” They spent every dime but by their own admission made no improvement in the schools.

You can pencil in jobs, foreclosures, percentage growth rate, the dollar and lots of other items in and the result is the same: Fanfare, proposals, reports, news conference, speeches, attacks on opponents, smiling photo ops, lots of money spent and no positive results.

Don’t blame me. Some of us saw this coming.

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