Illegals ARE Expensive

Among the arguments leftists make for open borders is the notion that illegal aliens are all hard working types who contribute more than they take and never game the system. We all know this is false and the article linked below  gives one more example. In point of fact, illegal immigration is extremely expensive. It is, after all, illegal for a reason and illegal all over the world. We are probably the only country debating it and allowing fast buck artists of all stripes to sneak in and make themselves at home.

Once they have steeled themseles to sneak in there is logically very little they are likely to eschew. Since they are here illegally there is no way to know exactly what they are up to unless a high profile illegal – such as one of the president’s relatives –  gets caught and we get a look at what he or she has been doing.

BTW it is not  good thing that the president has illegal alien relatives. Anywhere else it would be a scandal.

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