E-Verify Bill Passes Major Hurdle In Congress..Only Two Amendments Attached…


This is good news plain and simple. With an administration determined on a schizoid immigration policy that on balance favors illegals, the immediate solution has to be found in enforceable federal law.

The political balance of the house has shifted and the I think the bill has a good chance. I am not so sure about the senate but the mood of the country appears to be stiffening and I suspect it can pass and become law. I assume the president will sign the law when it is passed and immediately direct the “justice department” to enforce those provisions of the law it finds accepable and which it wishes to enforce. Similarly, I expect various factions in California to try and find as much of the law unenforceable as possible. They may even try to ignore it. But those are future battles.

This is a constitutional conundrum and a problem for conservatives because it is one more way in which federal power creeps in. However, given the choice between allowing states to cripple  E-Verify (see California) and a federal law requiring its use, I guess I will take the federal law.

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