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Petition Drive Seeks Repeal Of California “Dream” Act…

Here is the link to the website: We must knock ourselves out….. I know that I have been guilty of feeling helpless because I live in California and have sometimes succumbed to the “it’s no use” attitude. It is easy … Continue reading

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Good News: E-Verify Making Progresss Toward Becoming Law, Link to NumbersUSA IS At Bottom

Your Faxes & Calls Are Beginning to Dislodge New E-Verify Cosponsors — Now Is Time To Accelerate The Pressure To Sign Lamar Smith’s Bill Your activism this week has succeeded in putting most offices on notice that Chairman Smith’s Legal … Continue reading

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Herman Cain Has Passing Grade On Immigration…. I like Herman Cain for a number of reasons. It is good to see that he has a passing grade on immigration issues, even if barely. Michele Bachmann is still the leader on immigration issues, with a B-. Compared … Continue reading

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Death On Everest… Not much comment right now. A very interesting article on the human costs of mountain climbing and the number of deaths resulting from the desire to climb Everest. I was vaguely aware that there were a number of deaths … Continue reading

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Romney For President? I’m not really sure who actually supports Mitt Romney and why they do so. To me he is an “anybody but” candidate who is not liberal enough for “them” and not conservative enough for “us.” He seems to be … Continue reading

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More On Solyndra I let this one ripen a bit before posting…events have been moving and the outline of the iceberg is clearer. They say that more than 2/3rd’s of an iceberg is below the surface and hence invisible……

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Hooray For Darrell Issa?

I want to cheer, but I am waiting. Ever since the November election I have been hoping Rep. Issa and his committe could put the brakes on some of the worst excesses of this administration.  I’ve wanted to cheer but … Continue reading

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