How Long Must We Suffer With This Guy As Governor?

Our Governor will go down in history as the creator of his own syndrome: Jerry Brown Syndrome.

JBS was evident long ago, when he was governor the first time. It is a simple, but very poisonous, syndrome.  JBS means it doesn’t matter what the law is or what is obviously right, or what the majority of people want. All that matters is how the governor “feels” about an issue.

Most Americans want a strong border and state and federal governments that protect their rights as citizens against freedloaders from other countries with expectations of entititlement. But the governor is on the side of the freeloarders,  so tough luck.

It doesn’t matter what the law is, what the rest of the world does, what is obviously right (or obviously wrong) what Californians want or what our security, environmental or economic needs are.

California voted him back in knowing this was what they were getting. When the collapse comes, his fingerprints will be all over it.

I had lunch recently with some college friends one of whom voted for Brown this time around. She “expected” him to act differently than he has and seemed rather disgusted at his continued behavior.  She assumed he had learned and matured and understood. I wasn’t willing to take that chance and never would have. I have had the “pleasure” of meeting him and  wouldn’t elect him to be a greeter at a Las Vegas casino. We’ll, it would be a job and he would be off the dole and private enterprise could decide his economic value. Maybe. Come to think of it, it would be worth it to sit in on his raise evaluations. We have to get him out of office and begin to fix the damage. Meanwhile, we have to fight and fight hard at the federal level for e-verify and any other law that will staunch the flood.

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