Herman Cain Has Passing Grade On Immigration….


I like Herman Cain for a number of reasons. It is good to see that he has a passing grade on immigration issues, even if barely.

Michele Bachmann is still the leader on immigration issues, with a B-. Compared to the F- in the Oval Office and his cohorts in Congress Michelle, Mitt and Herman are a world of improvement. Mitt and Herman, by the way, are C-. Mitt has moved up in the standings as he has continued his campaign. I hope it is a sincere change and not a sop to the 2/3 of us or more who want true immigration reform and not an amnesty masquerading as “reform.”

I have read criticism of Cain that suggests he is truly a statist at heart. I hope not. On this issue he is strongly ahead of most of the field and I have hopes he will not disappoint.

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One Response to Herman Cain Has Passing Grade On Immigration….

  1. Tom says:

    It’s too early to grade candidates on immigration. It’s a delicate issue, especially as the Mexican American voting block grows ever larger. Savvy candidates will “soft peddle” until they see which way the “Latino wind” is blowing…
    On a related subject, Cain has finally become a full fledged Republican threat to the Demos. They dredged up two, maybe three, women willing to cry “sexual harassment”. Who in the business world in the 90’s did not get accused of sexual harassment? Even a few businesswomen were included in the long list of the accused. These allegations just graduated Cain up to the Bigtime…See what his most recent fund raising has done since the accusations…apparently I’m not the only one that sees it this way.

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