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Karl Rove Predicts Big Wins For Republicans….

So Far I have been steadfast in waiting to see actual vote results in primaries before getting too excited about the election cycle. Up to the moment it has all been pundits and pollsters and I have been overdosing on … Continue reading

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California Carbon Law Struck Down By Federal Judge… This is good news. BTW what is with these people and their unconstitutional laws?

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Congress By The Numbers: Worse Than President Obama?? This is an article in The American Spectator that is a nice bookend for yesterday’s post. The gist is simple: There really have been efforts to cut government spending, but Congress responded to falling tax revenue by deficit spending … Continue reading

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President Obama By The Numbers Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of words…..   The link is to a chart which details the state of things before the current president and as of today.  Of course it is almost obligatory to point out that … Continue reading

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California Is Leading The Nation (In The Wrong Direction) I really can’t add much to this piece. The handwriting is clearly on the wall. I hope there is still time.

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