Karl Rove Predicts Big Wins For Republicans….

So Far I have been steadfast in waiting to see actual vote results in primaries before getting too excited about the election cycle. Up to the moment it has all been pundits and pollsters and I have been overdosing on grains of salt.

So now comes Karl Rove (link below) with his predictions, even before the first primary vote is cast, and I am commenting on them. I guess they call it the “silly season” for a reason.

Buried in this piece is the assertion that President Obama will not win re-election because he will not get the turnout he needs in the five electoral subgroups that are necessary for his victory.

Although I hope that prediction comes true, there is a much bigger problem in the room and it will not be solved simply by replacing the Democrats with the GOP. As noted above in a previous post we need to scale back the government and take away its credit card if we are to have a strong and viable future. We are going to have to clean house and provide true immigration reform that acknowledges that we allow 1 million people into this country a year legally and that is probably four times more than we should. There should be no illegal entry into this country.  We did an amnesty once and were told never again so there is no reason for a second amnesty. We also need to follow our laws as written and end the nightmare of judicial end runs and the growing “Jerry Brown Syndrome.” JBS is my term for the lawyer driven notion that you have a moral obligation to seek a job and not fulfill any legal requirement of that job with which you disagree. More broadly it is the growing sense among legislators and judges that inconvenient or “politcally incorrect” law is simply to be ignored. It is especially dangerous because it plays right into the hands of rapacious special interests.  It is not hard to see how JBS and naked self-interest can get together and do end runs (in either direction) around any kind of law. Examples are legion at all levels. Sanctuary cities, states that create their own amnesty,  federal government suing states for enforcing federal law, not enforcing mandated payments  on loans, allowing banks to  commit financial crimes, not investigating voter intimidation. Etc. Etc. Etc. The specter of Chicago style government, where the law is an inconvenient obstacle to be worked around is truly frightening. Rahm Emmaneuel ( I think I spelled that right) somehow got elected mayor of Chicago even though he violated a plain reading of the residency statute. 

The  lack of public outrage at these outrageous acts is appalling. We are almost at a stage of “Me Tooism” where replacing one party will only result in similar outrages  with different beneficiaries.

 Of course, it must also be said that the GOP candidates have all been weak on these core issues.

None of the Republicans, to my knowledge, has made any kind of a point about true immigration reform.  Last I checked, Michelle Bachmann, who is no longer a front runner, had the best position on immigration. Most of them seem to be in line with the current president, when all is said and done. The front runners don’t seem to have a clue about either shrinking governement (Mitt and Newt??) or taking the credit card away from Bernanke.  Nor is anyone keen on reducing the number of lawyers and mitigating their increasingly pernicious effect on the country.

Even Rove is right and all the “bad” people retire or are swept out of office it will do little good if they are simply replaced by another set of rapacious special interests and their lawyers and judges willing to work around the clear letter of the law when they find it inconvenient.


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2 Responses to Karl Rove Predicts Big Wins For Republicans….

  1. Tom Burney says:

    Immigration is the proverbial “tar baby”…screams of racism aside,Uncle Remus’ tales have a good way of driving a point home. But if political correctness is your thing, look at France and their immigration problem. With near zero population growth over the last four decades, France needed the tax on an ever-expanding pool of workers to fund their ever-expanding social programs. So they eased immigration restrictions on North Africans. Actually Algeria was once a Department of France, so Algerians had a claim on French citizenship. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for this wave of legal immigrant workers to “learn” the French welfare system. A major unintended consequence (by the French, perhaps not by militant Muslims) was the creation of large urban pockets of Muslim communities where even the French police don’t enter and Sharia Law has replaced the French legal system. Does any of this sound remotely familiar? “Hung by one’s own Petard” seems very French…Forget that this is a time-honored French national tradition going back centuries, we can’t afford the smug attitude that this could only happen in France.

    • Hi Tom,

      Glad to have you back. Immigration is one of the key issues in 2012. The new Congress has not been particularly strong in this area and most of the Republican candidates are fairly week. Karl Rove seems to think the Republicans will sweep both houses. If this comes to pass it only means something if good sense immigration law is passed.

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