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So What Is The Big Deal About Debt? I linked to this piece because it is a succinct argument regarding the national debt. There are two schools of thought. One is that debt is no big deal because the government controls the currency and can float its … Continue reading

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Hey, Look, Some “Real” Scientists Are Sceptics, Too! One of the more obnoxious tendencies in the climate argument is to claim that pro-warming scientists are “real” scientists and sceptics aren’t. Sceptics are supposed to be petro dollar whores, while the actual whores – trolling for tax dollars … Continue reading

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Someone Else Notices The Real Job Numbes Larry Johnson isn’t one to mince words. If he were better known there might be outrage over these. He was making a similar point to mine – that if you use President Obama’s numbers there are six million people … Continue reading

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More On The President’ s “None Of THe Above” Engergy Policy This and he has killed or delayed Keystone. He and his ilk are simply not going to allow any drilling they can possibly stop. No matter what the cost to us. They have to go in November, all of … Continue reading

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Just for Laughs – Cats In Water   This is just a simple video of cats and water, and not all cats hate water. It depends on how they were raised.

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Thorium Still Stalled….Four Years Or More Later This is a nice juxtaposition and it shows how badly our priorities are skewed. The first piece was written in 2007 and talked about the virtues of thorium. The legislation that would allow us to go back to … Continue reading

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Here’s A SOTU Joke For You…. We are in big trouble when half don’t pay any tax, the entitlement burden is growing, and there are serious calls to “eat the rich” who already pay most of the taxes.  Add to this increasing regulation, federal efforts … Continue reading

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