Newt’s Environmental Train Wreck?

I guess it is something of a theme I have going…

We have a critical upcoming presidential election pitting an unsuccessful incumbent who is intent on expanding government and enriching his super rich cronies versus…a number of GOP candidates, most of whom are in favor of almost-as-big government and the enrichment of a different (and to be truthful probably less damaging) set of cronies.

Newt was on the Man Made Climate Change bandwagon, before he kind of sort of got off. He is allegedly a conservative but has not provided the kind of hard-headed scepticism and deep belief in market and choice driven solutions that are needed to solve any problem, much less one as questionable as “climate change.” Instead, we have an undefined problem called “climate change” and a host of government driven “solutions” that will bankrupt us and enrich a select few who have the ear of legislators. So far we have narrowly avoided a breathing tax because we emit carbon dioxide just like any other power plant. I hope I can still say that in one year, but since I live in California I can’t be sure.

Now Newt  seems to want to back track from his old views to impress new voters. So apparently it is time to Deep Six the records and toss the former friends under the bus. Good luck with that.

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