Muslims Versus Church Bells?

This video is billed as an example of Muslims becoming angry by the sound of church bells ringing during their calls to prayer in Moscow. I don’t speak the language so I don’t know.

What I do notice is an example of a major conflict between Western and Islamic values that should stick out like a sore thumb and concern us all. All of those Muslims are taking up space on the public streets and the expectation is that anyone else has to get out of the way. In other words, there is no room for any other belief system and your mere existence is an affront to them. You may be an atheist here  and even hate Christianity, but at least the Christians of any denomination are inside their church conducting their prayers in private. They are not occupying public property and demanding by their mere presence your acceptance of their views. It is one thing to tolerate another religion holding a service in its own space in private. It is another entirely when they move into the public and take over. Islam is perhaps the best example in the world of a culture based on a religion in which there is no separation of church and state.

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