Real Science VS Global Warming…

Anthony Watts at Watts Up With That is a good place for some refreshing scepticism and some good science.

Today he has some especially interesting posts. The linked post is another in a series about “What’s Wrong With Global Warming?” Even if you accept the idea that the earth is warming due to human intervention (and many don’t) you need to ask whether this is good or bad, not jump around hysterically and wave your arms. Rising temperatures due to carbon dioxide (assuming the link is true) could easily mean more arable land, more food and a greener planet. The linked paper suggests that warming could even delay the ice age cycle. Believe me, no one wants another ice age. So study the science in the paper and make measured conclusions and stop Chicken Littling.

The second article is not linked but it is about a Scripps paper that says the fear of ocean acidification is overblown. Again, study the science and draw tempered conclusions. Don’t start announcing the end of the world because of ocean acidity when the claims are overblown.

The best news of all is that Anthony Website just had its 100 millionth view. His open-mindedness (as opposed to the Climate  Cabal which will not even listen to dissent) is attractive and evidently brings readers to the site. One interesting thing about Anthony.s site is the comments section, which often has interesting remarks such as this,comment about the linked article:

A. Scott says:

IF CO2 has any net warming effect on a long term basis, rather than trailing temperature, it would make some sense in theory at least that it could be a contributor to the current seemingly delayed descent into another glacial period.

By many indications it would seem we are overdue, especially when compared to past cycles  patterns. But this time – while we’ve seen the relatively steep temperature increase – for some reason it leveled, at a point below the peak seen in the last recent interglacial maximums.

The temp has leveled and remained within a small (comparatively) range for about the last 12,000 or so years. As opposed to the normal sharp peak and following immediate sharp descent into the glacial period.

This activity intrigues me. Clearly it is not AGW related as there was no significant anthropogenic effect 15,000 years ago. Something capped the increase in temps below the typical glacial peak and has also kept them suspended at that point – preventing them from the normal sharp descent to the glacial period.  The record seems to indicate an unusual equilibrium.

That is, what seems to me, what makes the warmists narrow focus on the last few or few hundred years so silly. Even IF you use the hockey stick the warming shown is well within the natural variability of the last 12,000 or more years of overall stable temperatures. Even the hockey sticks warming does not exceed that range of natural variability.

How any of the warming cabal (or any AGW proponent) can ignore the last 12,000 years of stable temps and the fact the recent warming falls well within that range is beyond me. ”

– A comment worth considering.

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