Belafonte Dismayed By Obama’s First Term…

Fascinating on a couple of levels:

First, how come intelligent people couldn’t understand what it means to be a quasi-Marxist member of the Chicago political machine?

It is not as if it was hard to understand Barack Obama from the first time he spoke. The guy who took credit for creating Blago, was friends with Ayers and Rezko, Pfleger and Wright and never met a Chicago machine scam he didn’t like was not hard to figure.  He is an absentee slum lord to boot, which should have cost him every African American vote, but go figure. He facilitated the building of slum housing that was uninhabitable and had to be torn down. How could anyone vote for a guy like that? (See The Case Against Barack Obama for a straightforward account of his actions in Chicago. I discussed some of it earlier. Link below)

More interesting still is the kind of mirror image hopeful yet paranoid statement he makes. He implies that the die-hard Obama supporters insist he will “bring the light” in a second term. Well, to me that is a mirror image of the trepidation the rest of us fear about a second term. I have no idea how bad it can get based on how bad the last three years have been and I frankly don’t want to find out.

He seems to have disappointed everyone yet as incumbent he has a solid chance on a second term unless all of the discontented vote against him or stay home. I don’t know how this is going to turn out.


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