Krauthammer Asks: “Why No Keystone Pipeline?”

Mr. Krauthammer’s quote ends with a rhetorical question. He feels it is all about politics. I think it is deeper.

President Obama is a dyed-in-the-wool sufferer from Jerry Brown Syndrome (JBS). I have defined classic JBS as the willingness to seek election to a post you should not hold because you will not fulfill obligations required by holding that post. The classic JBS case is our governor once upon a time announcing he would not impose the death penalty under any circumstances even though as governor it was part of his job to do so. Yet he tokd the job and droned on about his “moral obligations” to fail to do what the job required him to do. Ditto.

Here, we have a variation if JBS, but it is about the same thing. President Obama is saying “I’m right, you are wrong” and he is saying that no matter what else transpires leftist/green/Democrat ideology trumps practicality, necessity and reason. He and his ilk deep down do not believe in cars, business, gasoline or private transport. Therefore he will not abet any of the above. He should not be president because he is unwilling to balance the interests of the majority of the people along with the interests of his clique and its supporters.

I don’t suspect Mr. Krauthammer is surprised, after all he has been paying attention. he was warning us when we elected an “ultra liberal” (Marxist? Socialist?) member of the Chicago Machine with no printed record but an awful trail of youtube and other videos promising precisely the kind of leftist drivel and economic mayhem we are enduring.  We must elect someone else in November.


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