Keystone: Is It The Beginning Of The End? What About The Internet??

This is an interesting piece from No Quarter. The author virtually screams that President Obama doesn’t care about his constituents. He could care less about the economy and doesn’t want to create jobs.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t think he does, either. I am wondering, however, whether the scales have fallen from the eyes of enough voters that he is insuring his own defeat. Nixing the pipeline doesn’t buy him any real support that he doesn’t already have, but a price rise of 15 cents a gallon should put him under. Obviously, we will see, but I am curious about how many dots this will connect for those all-too-important “independent” voters.

While we are at it, I don’t think his championing of “internet privacy” legislation helps him much either. I’m noticing severe complaints among even apolitical or mildly left leaning friends and acquaintances. There seems to be a growing sense that government is out of control and working against our interests, no matter what those interests are.

I am intrigued because just before New Year’s Karl Rove said the president would not be re-elected because he cannot quite pull the numbers among the key constituencies he needed in 2008 and needs even more now. Rove suggested that a growing sense of the criminality of his closest friends would be damaging. I think you can add Keystone and internet privacy to the causes of disaffection.

But is it truly good news? Not, as I have said before, unless we get down to the really serious busines of reforming congress and the judiciary – which means in part stanunching the flow of new lawyers into the system and returning to a strict construction interpretation of law. Right now there are so many lawyers they are acting like termites in your foundation  nibbling away at the dodorways and lintels of our society by living in “penumbras” and studying obiter dicta.

Good Luck to us all!

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