A Caustic Look at “It’s A Wonderful Life”….


I came across this piece on American Thinker and decided to share it.

I saw “It’s a Wonderful Life” in high school and liked it well enough but I have been troubled by it on repeated viewings, for different reasons than the author.

My problem with the film is that it is artificial and phony and forced. I am also troubled by the relentless New Age notions of the script and its very, very odd theology. Guardian Angel Second Class Clarence Oddbody?? Ring a bell, make an angel?

I have read that it was not well received on release, and I suspect that the the troubles I have with it were not unusual.

The author, however, takes Mr. Bailey’s business dealings apart and has a field day with them and the relentless assault on Old Man Potter simply for being astute and successful.

It is a reminder how far back the seeds of our present economic woes were sown….

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