California Down The Drain….

Another exposition on the woes of the once Golden State…

“California is suffering from the same problems found in any number of advanced social-welfare states, where wealth creation is punished and getting a job in the government is rewarded. California’s officials don’t believe in the private sector. They are representatives of the government class, and Brown is that group’s highest-ranking member, which explains why government officials and government retirees don’t want any change. They are doing quite well under the current system, thank you very much.

“California is still the Gold Mountain that Chinese immigrants in 1848 came across the Pacific to find,” the governor said. “The wealth is different, derived as it is, not from the Sierras but from the creative imagination of those who invent and build and generate the ideas that drive our economy forward.”

He then championed the proposed high-speed rail system as a key to California’s future, apparently seeing government as the new source of gold. He then derided rail critics as declinists who would have opposed everything from the Interstate Highway System in the 1950s to the Suez Canal. Yet Reuters recently reported that lawmakers “are gagging at the rail system’s projected cost … and are anxious about the uncertain outlook for federal and private-sector dollars.”

Surely, these critics aren’t all Luddites.

Sorry, but the true declinists are the ones who believe that California’s health is dependent on spending tens of billions of dollars on a government rail project that looks a lot like a boondoggle. The true declinists are the ones who stick to the same path of taxing, spending, regulating and suing the life out of the productive and entrepreneurial class. Brown is not just a declinist but a denialist, who believes that the same old policies that led to the current mess will lead us to a bright new future. Yet it’s far better to point out the decline in the hopes of arresting it than to be party to it, regardless of what Brown calls us.”

This is what we get for re-electing Brown and Boxer and a host of parasitic quasi-socialists without a clue. Mass rail to nowhere and no business to provide ridership.


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