Here’s A SOTU Joke For You….

We are in big trouble when half don’t pay any tax, the entitlement burden is growing, and there are serious calls to “eat the rich” who already pay most of the taxes.  Add to this increasing regulation, federal efforts to actively derail investment and employment and cater to those here illegally and you see the outline of the “perfect storm” that is headed our way. An increasing number of federal dependants and a decreasing number of taxpayers and a rising number of unemployed.

And don’t forget the de facto devaluation of the dollar by inflation and the ever growing debt. Oh, and the looming collapse of Europe is part of the problem too.

I will never forgive President Obama for dithering for three years when the outline of the disaster was clear even in the fall of 2008. He could have bitten the bullet and things would have bottomed by now and we would be in position to weather the coming collapse of Europe and actually help them in meaningful ways. He’d probably be unassailable for re-election, too. Now, we’ve kicked the can and the bill is coming due.

May God have mercy.

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2 Responses to Here’s A SOTU Joke For You….

  1. Tom Burney says:

    Good, well-writen piece, as unsual. As bad as the SOTU is, California is worse. But then California once again leads the nation but in a very unfavorable category. Can’t print money and bonds are junk rated…If Obama wants to improve the SOTU, he only has to cut California loose. Let us secede from the Union. We win because we can then print money as a sovereign nation…Obama wins because the national figures immediately soar. California is the spearhead in the national bleeding wound. I just hope there’s enough lime available to keep the stink down.

    • Hi Tom,
      Good to hear from you.
      As I read your comment I forgot that you are one of the expatriates who are now looking on our plight and offering helpful suggestions…or not. Something like 5,000 productive people leave the state each weeek and we wonder why the disaster is unfolding. Today I saw that the GDP grew at 1.7 percent..which is very bad. It means that there are no jobs until someone dies, retires or quits. i.E. no new jobs are being made. I have sympathy for the idea of splitting California in two and allowing the sane people their own state. The Left Coast will sink and the rest prosper. I also believe there has to be a major shift in attitudes nationwide before we can actually solve the nation’s grave problems.

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