Hey, Look, Some “Real” Scientists Are Sceptics, Too!


One of the more obnoxious tendencies in the climate argument is to claim that pro-warming scientists are “real” scientists and sceptics aren’t. Sceptics are supposed to be petro dollar whores, while the actual whores – trolling for tax dollars extorted in the name of green energy saving the planet – are touted as saviors.

Well, some news for you, lots of trained and “real” scientists are sceptics. The Gorians have so muddied the water that many folks don’t even realize it.

If you look at it the SGW debate is a series of questions. In a highly simplified version these are the questions.

1) Is the temperature rising?

2) Is human activity causing the rise?

3) How high will temperatures rise?

4) Will the impact be good or bad?

If you are honest about it a moment’s thought will reveal that to answer any of the questions you have to ask and answer a whole series of other questions. And the answers are never simple. What the AGW people do is answer yes to the first two and project their wish fantasies onto the second two. They generally refuse to even consider any of the secondary questions and will not even talk about benefits of higher tempertures unless forced.

So the real answers are more like

1) Yes, it was for a while but may be falling right now as it has risen and fallen for the last century. We don’t know the cycle and may be at the end of an interglacial period. Or coming out of warming period.  2) Human actions may have some impact but probably not that much. We don’t understand the mechanics of climate very well. 3) Apparently not too much and the rise will be  at the lower end of the IPCC predictions, if there is any rise.  It doesn’t appear that temps will rise too high.  4) The impact will be mixed, but the benefits of a warmer climate are not to be dismissed.

Does the discussion ever sound like that. No, we are told to expect  boiling oceans, stewed polar bears, cracked asphalt in LA , a runaway greenhouse effectturning the planet into Venus  and mass extinction if we don’t wrest money from the oil companies (who are actually on the AGW bandwagon – Ask BP which touts itself as “Beyond Petroleum”) and give it to the “good guys.”  Who will use it to fund various failing businesses run by friends.

The “good guys” have been predicting the end for decades. If you listen to them New York should already be under water from the effcts of warming. it isn’t.

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