What If President Obama Gave You The Money? An Interesting Scenario RE Our Individual Share Of The Burden


Here’s a sample:

“Whether we get another four years of Barack Obama (God help us…) or a first term of one of the big government “conservatives” currently vying for the GOP nomination, voters should understand that the deficits and the regulation creep and the basic suffocation of the capitalist system that made America great will not be put asunder until we nominate and elect a President who:

  1. Recognizes that the power of the federal government is constrained by the Constitution, particularly the 10th Amendment;
  2.   Understands that role of government is to do only those things which citizens cannot do themselves and nothing more;
  3. Has the intelligence to know where the line between the two is;
  4. Has the courage to tell voters to begin acting accordingly.

That doesn’t sound like too difficult a task.  One wonders why the GOP can’t seem to figure it out.”

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