Everything Old Is New Again….Global Warming Edition


Here is a good read. The author found a 1977 global cooling book and read it, noting the startling similarities between the global cooling scare of the 70’s and the current AGW scare.

The Global Cooling scare is worth remembering if only to remind oneself who wrong “headline science” can be.

One of the many problems we face is the decline in quality science writing.  As the public’s ability to understand science falls,  the urge to splash big easy-to-grasp headlines rises. We have also seen a major shift in the media and what constitutes news. News has shifted largely from concepts, ideas, ideologies and philopsphies to personalities and how you view them.  Al Gore vs George Bush.  Most Americans have short attention spans.  The media recognizes this.  As we become more celebrity and personality obsessed the more likely we are to create “celebrity scientists” such as Hansen and Mann and “celebrity politicians” such as Clinton and Gore. The result is quick, scary, dramatic soundbites. Another strand in the rope we are hanging ourselves with is marketing. Everything is a “brand” now. “Environmentalism” and “Green” are brands, so is “Exxon.” They are considered opposites by many, almost like Coke and Pepsi.

If you read the comments section you find lots of piling on and one dedicated liberal who, quite snottily, attacks the article. I usually stay away from comments because so few add anything to the discussion. But there are a few gems there. Including the geologist’s son. I was told by a sceptic that if you know earth science you know AGW is bull.

Anyway, a good read with quite a few links.


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