Dare We Hope?


Some days ago I wondered aloud whether Keystone would be the last straw leading to the defeat of Barack Obama in November.

Earlier, I wondered about various corruption issues.

Now, the WSJ is wondering whether the blatant attempt to deny Catholics the ability to follow the dictates of faith and conscience will be the last straw. Most ¬†Americans consider themselves religious. This legalistic assault, which says you can be Catholic but can’t act on Catholic principles, should set alarm bells ringing in all houses of worship.

Will this do it?

Personally, I can’t remember the first straw, and they all seem like last straws to me, but I wouldn’t have voted for him at the state level, much less for POTUS. Yet the lack of palpable outrage troubles me as if people are treating him just like any other politician and not seeing the dangerous ideologies at work. Not to mention the “Chicago Style” activities.



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2 Responses to Dare We Hope?

  1. Tom Burney says:

    I think the lack of outrage reflects the fact that most people are just plain weary, beyond outrage. The incessant assault on all those things assumed to be unassailable is has us too numb to react.

  2. I hope it is the difference between the Tea Party and OWS. One has peacefully assembled and rocked the ballot box and is, I hope, peacefully awaiting the next opportunity at the ballot box while the leftists take to the street. But I am concerned that the needed change will come too late to fully right our course.

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