New Nuclear Reactor Permitted…But It Is “Old School”…Thorium Out In The Cold

Whew. Sort of good news. Kind of. We are licensing a new nuclear reactor, which is good. But it is not a thorium reactor, which is bad.

If you read this piece, more than one year old, and follow the links, you will see why.

China and India are advancing nuclear power with new and better reactors while we are still using the old school variety, albeit much improved.

If you read up one thorium it will be obvious it is a safer fuel to use for nuclear plants and the technology is being improved as we speak – but by the Chinese and Indians.

We can either continue with the difficult path of traditional nuclear power or use a safer, cleaner non-proliferating fuel. It should be a no-brainer, but we seem to have misplaced our brains.

Here is another old  piece of mine with links:

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