It is still time for Thorium

Here is an interesting article on thorium, notable for a few things.

1) It is about five years old and little has changed. India and China are still actively pursuing the technology – and we aren’t.

2) It makes no mention of using coal or coal waste to fuel thorium plants, and that is one of the bigger advantages of thorium.

3) It is the first article I have read which talks aboutto the negatives of thorium, which do exist but are far less serious than those associated with uranium and plutonium. Interestingly, the negatives seem to be associated with mining thorium itself for the plants, rather than extracting it from the waste associated with existing coal plants. Recycling thorium from the waste produced from existing coal plants should also provide a benefit by allowing the capture of other trace materials which are found in coal and coal waste.

4) It raises the possibility that if thorium, which is essentially useless as a weapon, were adopted world wide, then uranium and plutonium mining could be outlawed. A big plus.

5) There is a whole new category of benefits listed that accrue from retrofitting older plants into thorium based plants. There are more benefits possible from using the cores of old nuclear devices as fuel to be recycled through a thorium plant.

All-in-all a positive article. Why aren’t we doing more?

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