Electric Cars Are Dirty Too…Perhaps Dirtier Than Gas Cars


This is a good example of the sloppy thinking we are guilty of as a culture. Millions of us think gas cars are “bad!” and that anything else is better. Wrong. As the article points out electric cars have lots of faults and throwing money at them won’t help. Some people hate gasoline cars so much they are driving us toward polluting electric cars, inefficient solar power and windmills that scar the landscape and kill birds. There is no sense in this and no reason for the irrantional fear of cars.

The article also points out that the generation of electricity – much of which comes from coal – is a major part of the problem with electric cars. Another way of saying we should reduce our dependence on coal by using thorium. The Chinese and Indians already know this and are developing thorium plants as we speak.

The US, land of the “Greens” is falling behind. Go figure.


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