Foreign Policy Failure…President Obama Has A Lot To Answer For

My country puzzles me these days. Before I felt I had a pretty clear understanding of what was happening and why. Now I lack that confidence.

We seem to have entered a bizarre period of neo-isolationism in which we want to be detached from a world we have shaped, yet we have no idea how to disengage and are really asleep at the switch when it comes to what is going on world wide. We don’t know how great a force for good the American military actually is and we are looking to cut it at precisely the time when naive and ill-considered policies have rendered it more necessary than ever.

The linked piece elucidates the concerns many have about our current presidential administration and its Sophomore foreign policy team.

But I don’t get the sense most Americans really care too much about what is going on in the world, nor do I feel they understand the costs of the foreign policy crafted out of Washington.

The Obama Administration’s foreign policy is lackluster at best and yet the most visible face of that policy (and one of the lackluster figures behind it) is Hillary Clinton. The same Hillary being called on as a “savior” to rescue the Democrats from the failures of the administration for which she works.


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